Bulk face masks for kids' birthday parties

As the country goes full force into the vaccination phase of the pandemic, there's plenty to celebrate. This goes double if you're a kid, who hasn't had a playdate in a year. Birthday parties, full of cake, pizza, and jumping houses will soon be the norm.

Still, just because there's a vaccine, doesn't mean you should let up your vigilance. After all, you can still contract it, even if you're young and spry. But don't cancel those celebrations just yet! Instead, stock up on bulk face masks for kids birthday parties from Armbrust USA.

Armbrust USA is a surgical mask manufacturer based in Texas, and makes some of the best masks on the market. Each mask is FDA-listed and ASTM level three certified, meaning it filters out everything out down to 0.1 microns. This includes the dreaded COVID-19 virus, with room to spare, in fact.

If you're thinking of hosting a gathering with oodles of kids, whether its a birthday party, playdate, or summer day camp, stock up on bulk face masks for kids from Armbrust USA.

Armbrust USA is one of the few mask manufacturers that makes masks just for kids. While regular face masks can be worn by kids as well, their smaller faces provide plenty of places for air to enter and potentially infect them. Wearing it correctly can be done, but is also more finicky than it needs to be.

If you want to ensure kids keep their mask on and wear it right, stock up on bulk masks for kids birthday parties. Bulk orders of 500 and 2000 are available in pink or denim, to keep even the pickiest kids happy. If you sign up for a monthly mask subscription, you can save 30 percent on every order.

For more information on bulk masks for kids birthdays, visit Armbrust USA.