Where to buy colorful surgical masks

Surgical masks, especially high-quality surgical masks are must-haves when it comes to braving the COVID-19 pandemic. But they don't make much of a fashion statement. And while reusable cloth masks or neck gaiters can be infinitely personalized, they're nowhere near as effective in blocking out germs, viruses, and COVID-19.

It makes sense, when you consider that it wasn't until recently that everyone and their grandma buys surgical masks. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only surgeons, house painters and coal-miners were among the few who wore surgical masks.

None of these professions require anyone to look snazzy. Surgical masks are purely a utilitarian accessory. But now that masks will be a facet of life for the near future, there's a demand for surgical masks that also add a little flair to any outfit.

Armbrust USA, a Texas based surgical mask manufacturer doesn't just make some of the best PPE equipment. They make some of the most fashionable PPE equipment. It offers 7 fantastic styles to match every season and outfit.

American denim surgical masks scream blue-collar chic. Pretty in Pink is an excellent name for masks that would make Molly Ringwold swoon. If you want to make a truly bold statement, nothing stands out like orange, green, and red offerings. Then there's the full black masks, which go with just about everything.

No matter what style you choose, you can rest easy that you won't have to sacrifice an ounce of safety in exchange for fashion. Each Armbrust USA mask is FDA-listed and meets strict ASTM Level 3 requirements. This means every mask filters out particulate matter down to 0.1 microns, which is more than enough to keep you safe from COVID-19.

And because Armbrust USA offers masks in seven different eye-catching styles, you know you'll always look your best when masking up and staying safe out in the wilderness. For more information or to buy a box of colorful masks, visit Armbrust USA.