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For over 50 years, FPFS has played a vital role in providing high-quality and affordable mental health care to individuals and families in Pasadena and surrounding communities. We are unique because our work is is predicated upon treating mind, body, and spirit in an integrated manner. These beliefs are inextricably linked to the establishment and ongoing vision of FPFS, a vision strongly influenced by both the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology and Fuller Theological Seminary.

It is from these roots that FPFS has grown to encompass and treat clients from a variety of spiritual and religious traditions. Our therapists are trained to integrate issues of faith into treatment in a sensitive manner. Sometimes this means issues of faith are salient concerns during therapy. Often it means that psychological and physical symptoms or interventions are focused on and issues of faith are not directly addressed. Regardless of what the therapy addresses directly or indirectly, our therapists believe that people should be viewed and treated holistically – mind, body, and spirit. Therapy provides an opportunity for you to safely explore what the integration of these three dimensions means for you.